Singing Success creator Brett Manning answers questions about his world-famous vocal training program SINGING SUCCESS. He addresses issues that explain how Singing Success will teach you HOW TO SING, Become a Singer, Learn to sing better and more easily as well as how it is guaranteed to increase your range, relieve all vocal tension and strain, hit high notes, style, vibrato and so much more. Find out from the author, why Singing Success is the world’s best selling and most effective vocal training program that guarantees immediate results! Learn more here: http Click link to get a groundbreaking vocal tip video and singing report that can’t be found on YouTube or anywhere else all for free from Singing Success!

24 Responses to “How to Sing – Hit High Notes – Extend Your Range – What is Brett Manning’s SINGING SUCCESS”
  1. newyorksveryown Says:

    i think the girl with the grammy’s was… wait.. has taylor swift ever won a grammy?

  2. Lozzlepoppleful Says:

    Is that Professor Brian Cox? :D haha jk, I really actually want to buy this, I hope it will make me improve. When I sing, I try to relax but my voice sounds strained and small, especially when I sing higher notes.

  3. SingingSuccess Says:

    Definitely! We have a download version, as well as the physical copy you can buy. Check out our website in the description for more details.

  4. martiin5678 Says:

    Hey, i’m from the U.K. Is it still possible to get these CD’s? And how much would it be approximately? Thanks. :)

  5. Jwh4lifeGaming Says:

    Hayley Williams has this guy as her coach.

  6. RedStainedPoet Says:

    I think it was Haley Williams from Paramore.

  7. RedStainedPoet Says:

    it honestly bugs me that i can’t see his eyes…

  8. ghostkrashers Says:

    Who was the artist that won 5 grammys?

  9. thestash16 Says:

    this guy could be the next new iphone spokesperson

  10. abdielmi1 Says:

    he never answer the question!! what makes you qualified?? lmao

  11. MrPsycoticgamingHD Says:

    Hey how long did it take you to improve your voice with singing sucess? im 16 and singing is my passion and i DESPERATELY need to know if this works. please reply… i really want to turn my “ok” voice to amazing too :(

  12. MrFlyingscotsman1 Says:

    When You Said “They Say Mama” At 3:54
    You Sounded Quite Italian xD

  13. unclesamfatg Says:

    I’ve tried the program and I dont know why so many say its awsome and whatever. It doesnt learn you to do whistle. It Has only some lessons on vibrato whitch dont work and it ACTUALLY DIMINISHES YOU RANGE! I’ve had no problem hitting an F#5(I’m a tenor), now after an workout I barrely hit an E5 with strain.

  14. ponieeee Says:


  15. iamJunica Says:

    $199.95 only

  16. fckingkim Says:

    Taylor Swift won 4 grammys. Probably it’s Norah Jones.

  17. WeLostTheGame Says:

    Probably Taylor Swift.

  18. benthehen07 Says:

    what do you think about patti labelle vocally

  19. Lucyversion Says:

    I’ve gotten SO much better at singing just by seeing there videos I want to see what happens if I actually get one on one lessons

  20. IamElijahDee Says:

    I can sing bruno mars, just the way you are, I wanna buy it, and see what i sing like after :P

  21. Chobification Says:

    whos the 5 grammie person ??

  22. swagga07 Says:

    After 4 years I’m thankful. I JUST NEED TO MASTER MIX!!!

  23. Prada2on1 Says:

    how can i get the whole set? and how much would it cost me.

  24. JoeGibsonLP Says:

    I fucking love this guy :D