Learn how to hit better high notes in this pop singing tutorial. Expert: Cari Cole Video transcript: Hi I’m Cari Cole. I’m a celebrity vocal coach and artist development expert. And I help artist find their voice, craft their music, and create successful music careers. I’ve worked with Donald Fagen from Steely Dan, Courtney Love from Hole, I’ve worked with the band Journey. I’m going to teach you how to be a better singer and performer So I’m going to teach you a few tips about how to sing better high notes. a couple of things right off the bat. One is high notes are not higher, they are actually faster speed. So that’s something just to digest and to start to understand because we tend to reach up to hit high notes and the voice functions more like an elevator. As the elevator raises there is a very heavy weight pulling it down. As an elevator comes down that elevator is lifting. So the voice is very much like that pulley system. So as i sing higher [sings]. I want to think of as I sing higher actually reaching down so that I create a little bit of that weighted feeling, you could think of it as compression. And we want to create a little bit more compression and it also goes with the diaphragm movement which needs to be moving down [sing] as we sing higher. So that’s you know an intellectual process, a visual process and an experiential process as you start to use that with your voice. What most people do again is that then go up as they go higher and they reach down as

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  2. EurovisionersTV Says:

    Like a race sound :D

  3. SmurfetteLumen Says:

    I went to music school before I started high school and I’ve had a lot of trouble when it came to singing high notes. My teacher never explained it this way and only now I finally get it. Thank you for it.

  4. twinkletoes981 Says:

    definitely needs more views

  5. RideHanna Says:

    Excellent, you have taken one of the most difficult concepts in singing technique and made it instantly accessible, Wish you were my coach. :)

  6. savannah12331 Says:

    I like her explanations. They helped :)

  7. lottiemarie44 Says:

    It is very informative and organized. Thank you for sharing your expertee.

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  9. Whisperingtothefire Says:

    so when you say you push down on your diaphragm how exactly does that work? do you let out the air faster or? ….

  10. steelydon19 Says:

    I know part of the work that’s ahead of me!

  11. OctoberLibra1 Says:

    lol…u silly.

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    thank you so much …..its really a big help!!!..:)

  15. philipe789 Says:

    well I suggest you can take that as your excellence, it’s rare to have a low voice like you and people will like it.

  16. alittletwihard16 Says:

    Really great tips! ^_^
    Thank you!

  17. matriarchmmgp1 Says:

    Excellent imagery!

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    Put compression where??

  20. OctoberLibra1 Says:

    Fuck dat bitch…it don’t work.

  21. smartsierra Says:

    miracle in a video :D

  22. chelsea garret Says:

    i have a very deep voice for girl and i was wondering anyone got any advise for !!!! :p

  23. thespongielover125 Says:

    finally a howcast video that’s not stupid :D

  24. costinandriansite Says:

    thanks a lot I did it! I just put my arms like you said and i imagine and elevator so my voice was going very high and very clear….Thank you very much

  25. mikjenson Says:

    i have learned alot