admin – Click link to get a groundbreaking vocal tip video and singing report that can’t be found on YouTube or anywhere else all for free from . For more information on how to sing better How To Sing – Fastest Way To Improve Your Voice Part 1 – Breathing Every week we give away free video vocal tips to our newsletter subscribers. This tip starts a five part series called The Fastest Way To Improve Your Voice. In this tip, Brett talks about one of the keys to relieving strain in the voice, relaxed breathing. He gives seven breath exercises to build muscle memory, and encourage relaxation in the voice. Want to learn to sing? Singing Success has the web’s largest and most accurate vocal training videos and products that guarantee results.

25 Responses to “How To Sing – Fastest Way To Improve Your Voice Part 1 – Breathing”
  1. OrionAlexander1 Says:

    Interesting techniques…I got 42 seconds. I wonder what I’d get if my parents didn’t smoke -___-

  2. joeyjojo50 Says:

    20 seconds…

  3. Rae120812 Says:

    51.13 sec. …..

  4. TorresNg93 Says:

    1:05 i thought something scary would pop out..

  5. bummedoutforlife Says:


  6. peypeople Says:

    32.3 secconds…… Im a failure….

  7. NamiBurger Says:

    Omg… I’m going to tell you. Breathing is probably the only problem i had at all while singing. I would always get so tired after just singing a few words.. But after trying the breathing techniques before starting a new line of lyrics, i was able to hit the notes almost perfectly, or at least better than before for sure c: i want to be an idol someday, and i think im a huge step closer to doing what i love– and at my full potential too!!! Thank you kind sir!!! X’D

  8. scampb1955 Says:

    Can you PLEASE make a video on vocal agility; your videos are the only ones i watch when I get on YouTube and I really need some work on my vocal agility. Thanks for the tips

  9. gdubz15 Says:

    … I did the “sssss” practice for only 22:45 seconds.. I guess I need to quit smoking. Should I just use the other practices to help me prolong that particular practice?

  10. Gates06 Says:

    i love u brett

  11. RastaJee2 Says:

    Bret!! wake up!! are you dead?

  12. puhahajk Says:

    mm 55 sec.. shit a minute and a half on a given day is so crazy -___-

  13. puhahajk Says:


  14. 0oBretto0 Says:

    My name is Brett

  15. MusicIsMyLife20115 Says:

    I can only do it for 50 seconds and I’m not even making the ‘s’ sound loud. I let out an ‘s’ sound as slow, calm ,and quiet as I can. This guy’s a pro

  16. SubhiKhanna Says:

    how many times should we do each of these 7 breathing exercises daily?

  17. lawlorfc Says:

    you just made me yawn because you yawned. to funny

  18. maricakes86 Says:

    i can count up to 50 n then take a breath! :P

  19. hitokira9000 Says:

    s thing?

  20. Pashkinodji Says:

    3.01 – 3.02 – After 15 years…

  21. UndecidedMusic88 Says:

    Damn I can only do the S thing for 21 seconds…
    Stupid crack baby lungs :(

  22. LarryYadaoMusic Says:

    Me too..

  23. JuanaSky1 Says:

    s/o Leah Stone

  24. PowerRocker1991 Says:

    You don’t have to apply it to a singing and you should not. If you did those exercises good enough it will come out just naturally and automatically when you are singing.
    Just concentrate on rhythm, melodies, lyircs when you are singing. ( Plus relaxation, don’t try to yell )

  25. MyWorldOnlyMine Says:

    wow this is awesome finally i get it way i sounded so terrible :P