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25 Responses to “How to Sing Better – Ten Ways to Make a Cover Song Your Own”
  1. baybiiezaza Says:

    Good vid, does any1 else thinks she remind u a bit of Kirsten stewart –
    more matured? x

  2. decebel geduriagao Says:

    Thanks Ma’am! I’m trying to make a cover song but I don’t have camera or
    something. What will I do? Please help!

  3. Fred Mayhew Says:

    i thought she was kirsten :O

  4. Gitaar456 Says:

    Great video!

  5. Lee Gattenby Says:

    Excellent. Which reminds me, I need to hit the studio and record some more
    vids myself. Your vids are setting the standard.. bleh.. must work harder…

  6. PeanutProductions Says:

    thx i will try these

  7. Matthew Ruggiero Says:

    Great stuff, Adrienne!

  8. Jonathan Vipond Says:

    Great video. Already sending this on to a few people who may be interested
    in your help!

  9. Greg X Michael Says:

    great video ! thanks for posting

  10. Piere Candice Navarrete Says:

    thanks a lot there miss. Now I can do a more different song on my own. :)

  11. ryanadsouza Says:

    Great Tips..Thanks!

  12. Paul Tauterouff Says:

    Great ideas shared here. Thanks Adrienne!

  13. Bob Blunn Says:

    Great tips Adrienne! Thanks for sharing & Jam ON! -BB

  14. Andres GuitarAcademy Says:

    Really Usefull ideas here!

  15. SeuSion Says:

    This is great, I would really be interested in skype lessons

  16. Adam Faigen Says:

    hmm.. good things to think about thanks! im trying to release some more
    covers on youtube eventually and though I sound great to myself in the car,
    I know that my vocals could greatly improve.. check out my original
    instrumentals (no vocals) click my name =)

  17. AngeloRippi Says:

    Cool ideas! Thanks!

  18. JamesLoGalbo Says:

    Awesome vid Adrienne! This is gonna come in handy for a good friend of mine
    cause she does a lot of covers

  19. RisquLynx Says:

    Great video and ideas!

  20. JosipPesut Says:

    Cool! This is appliable to guitar, too! :)

  21. kanshewa Says:


  22. mojolander Says:

    Really good advice & presented in a very professional manner. Thanks, Mojo.

  23. RockMyRolls Says:

    Thanks for the Ideas! I need singing lessons one day soon. For now, these
    can apply to my guitar playing.

  24. aksunflour Says:

    Love it!

  25. Yotenks Says:

    very good video