I am trying to work up the courage to sing Karaoke at the local bar, Any suggestions on what song i should sing? I am a girl so keep that in mind, i dont want something TOO pop sounding. The last time i sang was the backstreet boys xD please help! thanks :)
PS. My voice isnt too bad, I can carry a tune, im not horrible lol

3 Responses to “Good song to sing for Karaoke?”
  1. UnknownLover Says:

    “My Immortal”.

    And post a video on youtube of your first try. I could use a laugh.

  2. Angry_Bird_Fanatic Says:

    Something classic. The Star Spangled Banner or My Favorite Things.

  3. Birdgirl Says:

    Most professional karaoke companies will have an extensive songlist or book of everything they have. Or you can simply ask if they happen to have your favorite song.

    Karaoke tracks vary in quality and sometimes arrangement depending on the company that manufactured the track. They are not the original recording with the vocal taken out. In MOST cases however, an attempt is made to sound as much like the original background as possible and stick to the same key.

    And speaking of keys–most professional rigs have the capability to transpose the keys up and down for you. Even dropping the key by a half pitch (or raising it) can make the difference between how well you can sing the song, and the casual listener won’t even notice the slight change. I wouldn’t adjust the pitch too much–it could cause the background music to become distorted. Also keep in mind that you will need to know the melody pretty well because karaoke tracks contain ONLY the accompaniment. For some songs that might not include a melody. You might go to Youtube and try to find a karaoke track of some of your favorite songs and see how well you can keep up. In real karaoke, you don’t have to remember the words because they will be on the monitor and change color to indicate when to sing.

    Different companies tend to carry different types of songs–some may lean heavily toward one genre or the next depending on where they do business. Most WILL have a lot of pop songs, but there should be a little bit of everything including country, metal, rap, and even showtunes.

    You say you are a girl and you say you don’t want anything too “pop sounding” –but girls voices differ a lot. Think about any songs you like to sing along to when you hear them, and that seem to be easy on your voice (you don’t go hoarse in other words).

    Remember karaoke is for fun. Don’t take it too seriously, and don’t let any jackasses that take it too seriously bother you if you happen to pick a song they consider “theirs”.

    Hopefully I haven’t given you too much basic information.

    Some songs I’ve heard lots of girls do?
    “I Love Rock and Roll”
    “Me and Bobby McGee”
    songs by Carrie Underwood-
    songs by Adele (really difficult to sing well, but they are popular)
    songs by Lady Gaga–especially
    “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face”
    Duets like “Summer Nights” from “Grease”
    Bruno Mars songs (because the dude is practically an alto anyway)
    “Dancing Queen”
    “Baby Got Back” (seriously, girls have done this song)
    Just whatever–

    I’ve done karaoke myself but tend to pick songs no one else sings that often (or at all)
    I’ve done songs from musicals and indie artists like Ingrid Michaelson (“The Way I Am” is a fun easy song) . I’ve done Pink and I’ve done Linda Ronstadt. I sung country and I’ve done rap. Basically I don’t care as long as I have fun. They aren’t paying me after all. LOL