Are classic pop songs best or your favourites.

7 Responses to “What songs are best to sing in karaoke?”
  1. LoneWanderer Says:

  2. Anonymous Seán Says:

    The best songs to sing in karaoke are popular songs that you know the words to.

    All the Best.

  3. Johnny Says:

    Journey- Don’t stop believing
    Survivor- Eye of the tiger

    Enjoy :)

  4. lovely birds Says:

    Good day Keith Old
    Yes classic pop songs would be better… plus my other favorite songs..

  5. Birdgirl Says:

    It is rare for any singer to be able to sing everything with equal ability. Songs do not come in “one size fits all”. Even things that do come in “one size fits all” will invariably exclude several individuals from the “all”.

    So, without knowing anything at all about your singing voice, how am I going to suggest which wongs would be best for you to sing?

    The fact that you would even ask that question (and not give a single hint about your voice) seems to indicate that you don’t hear or know the difference between different songs at all. And if you can’t tell the difference, there are no “best” songs for you to sing at all. Unless you include rap songs—which you can only do if you can read the words fast enough off the screen and in the correct rhythm.

    It’s karaoke. Sing whatever the heck you like. It doesn’t matter. Even if you plan to enter a karaoke contest–keep in mind a lot of those contests are more about who is most popular rather than who is most talented. You can be the worst singer in the world doing the most stupid, boring song in the world–but if you can pack the house with your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to cheer you on, you can win the competition.

  6. Bingabells Says:

    Well known ones for sure,Abba,Cold Chisel,Dire Straits,Elvis etc.

  7. Tigger Says:

    I do like those oldies when singing karaoke! Should I get out my karaoke discs and type all those I like to sing on here? naw
    My favorite is King of the Road.
    I do like American Pie too tho and all the Anne Murray songs, lots of Beatles and Barry Manilow…