• Volume 1: Basics of the Voice (vocal cords, diaphragm, breathing, head voice vs chest voice)
  • Volume 2: Vocal Exercises (hunt and peck, scales, yahoo exercise, breath holding)
  • Volume 3: Applying Vocal Exercises to Song (how to listen to and sing your favorite songs)
  • Bonus DVD: Turning your voice into your profession (studio sessions, onstage presence, finding gigs)
  • Bonus insert: How to audition for TV’s singing contest shows!

Product Description
You can sing like a star! Whether your goal is to sing professionally or just to rule at karaoke, “Sing Anywhere” will help you get there! Classically trained Eleanor Goldfield is a rock singing sensation whose step-by-step instruction is fun, easy and effective! From beginner to veteran, you can gain skills that will make all the difference in your voice, your confidence and your singing future! Eleanor will even help you determine what you want out of your vocal… More >>

Sing Anywhere

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