• Standard 3.5mm jack plug, compatible with all kinds of PC, Laptop, Notebook, etc
  • Noisy cancellation. clear sound quality. Adjustable microphone volume.
  • Comes with a tripod for supporting the microphone.
  • Plug and play – no software to install
  • Suitable for internet telephony, VOIP / SKYPE , speech recognition programs and karaoke

Product Description

– Model: SF-930

– 3.5mm jack plug

– Sensitivity: -55dB ± 2 dB

– Directivity: Noise canceling

– Impedance: ≤2.2 Kω

– Sensitivity reduction: Within -3dB at 1V

– Operation voltage: 1.5V

– Standard operation voltage: 1.5v

– Frequency Response: 50MHz-16KHz

– S/N ratio: More than 36dB

– Cord length: 2 meters

– Weight: 210g

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BW® Professional Wired Condenser Microphone Mic With Stand 3.5mm Jack For PC Laptop Skype MSN Singing Karaoke – Plug and Play

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