admin – Click link to get a groundbreaking vocal tip video and singing report that can’t be found on YouTube or anywhere else all for free from Singing Lessons – Building Your Strengths to Help You Sing Better Date 6.30.10 Coach: Brett Manning Artist: Bostjan Korosec Brett’s in the studio with Bostjan Korosec to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the voice. Normally, a lot of emphasis is put on exercising the weakest part of the voice, to balance with the stronger part; but this lesson takes another direction and teaches not to forget about what comes naturally. Approximate Length: 34 minutes 40 seconds

10 Responses to “Singing Lessons – Building Your Strengths to Help You Sing Better”
  1. ricardogeezers Says:

    ohmygod. THIS is exactly what ive been looking for. I always loose a little bit of that brassy sound on E vowels. I FEEL NAUGHTY. Its like Im cheating or something.

  2. oo0o0opss Says:

    this Y excersice really helped mee! THANKS FOR SHARING THIS!

  3. geespar1 Says:

    This works great on the way up, but coming down is the hardest to do without showing a trace of the break – anyone got any tips on that?

  4. buzzkill2009 Says:

    @dchiggs ok i read your comment,and Im jus really curious if your just “a natural good singer” why did you buy his course?

  5. piaterrormusic Says:

    @dchiggs for your information, i have the singing success program and i am feeling great changes and my range is getting higher with every excercise that i do. so stop being a smartass, couse you’re not.

  6. bayleepop Says:

    Thumbs up for getting rid of the screaming “e”

  7. hohoyun Says:

    great explanation on the y sound, i never knew that before

  8. AussieVocalCoach Says:

    Thanks Brett I got a lot out of this video. I will be sure to use this with my own private students.

  9. greenluckysocks Says:

    Love it!! If I had more money I’d buy the singing lessons but I don’t :(

  10. cherrydipbaby123 Says:

    great lesson thanks!