Visit Little changes can make a big difference! Use much less air to inhale and just open your cords when you do—don’t gasp for air. The diaphragmatic circle is just under where a bra would be and it must stay OUT when you’re singing!

22 Responses to “Learn to Sing Better Fast: Catherine’s “trouble section” lesson–the “noiseless inhale””
  1. LoveMusic0321 Says:

    @jilljaxxteaches Could I send you a sample of my singing and you can tell me what I do wrong?

  2. epiccandy14 Says:

    i wish i can join your class :)

  3. Tritonprince Says:

    Guess the instructor made a fortune off of this young lady and she still can’t sing. What a waste of time. Singers are born, they can’t be made.

  4. thextremecloe Says:

    thats so cool!!! now i feel more confident about learning how to improve my voice (hand technique) and now i learn how to sing better!

  5. TheMapleMuffin Says:

    YAY I’m learning to sing better!I’m always Afraid to sing!TY JILL

  6. IndianGurl107 Says:

    i agree but IDK wut to dooo..

  7. TheCoolorNotShow Says:

    This makes me sound WORSE!!!

  8. TheCoolorNotShow Says:

    @IndianGurl107 Same with me!!!! Nothing helps!!!!!!

  9. narutofox71 Says:

    damn that student is hot.. take that shirt off!!

  10. yasminsam13 Says:

    There is no fast way it takes time from baby steps to big steps!!

  11. yasminsam13 Says:

    There is no fast way it takes time!!!!

  12. tmorril Says:

    Dear Jill,
    I’ve never heard anyone explain the technique of expanding your diaphragm as you exhale before. I’m still trying to work it out but there seems to be a big jump in the quality of the sound of my voice with just a few trys. I’ll work at it. Thanks for the fantastic tip!

  13. Darrickmamon Says:

    ooo can you put alot of videos on here cuz i sure do need someone to help me with singing from my it supposed to feel like your stomach is tight

  14. gaura Says:

    Heeelloooo student…

  15. MollyandSonnyboy Says:

    Studet’s voice lacks finesse..sounds like she is shouting.

  16. IndianGurl107 Says:

    in a essage give me your email or something so i can send it to you ,, ill put it up on my youtube page..

  17. IndianGurl107 Says:

    okay.. sure ,, i’ll send you it in about a week .. because my computer isnt working that well….

  18. jilljaxxteaches Says:

    Yes, but just when you’re singing. Your ribs should not come in or relax like you do when you just breathe in and out. They stay out and expanded while you’re singing. BTW, send me an empeethree—actually, send me three expamples of your singing and for thirty-five dollars I’ll evaluate your singing and send you a detailed list of things for you to follow. That is much much less than the cost of a lesson and you will get so much out of it or your money back.

  19. IndianGurl107 Says:

    soo what do i do ?? stay like this forrever ?

  20. madichelp0 Says:

    im in the same boat : (

  21. lizsan84 Says:

    I’m so happy to have found u on utube….. it helps i wish u lived around me…….God Bless, Liz

  22. IndianGurl107 Says:

    you are really good !! But my voice is horrible ……. I try to make it better but it doesn’t work …….. i taped myself singing,, and heard it ,,,,, welll,, it was HORRIBLE !!!!!!!